Happy Birthday NXL!

NXL1YOA few days ago we got a bit excited when we realised that NXL is a year old on Sunday 19 May. Of course we’ve been running as an independent library since 2011, but it has now been one year since we became New Cross Learning and here we are, still here, and looking like we’re that one step further on to becoming a mature organisation.

What we think is so amazing is the fact that we are still able to operate as a totally volunteer-run operation and that’s also why the local community continually thank us for keeping NXL open. We don’t just offer library services but we’ve also managed to continue providing free activities throughout this year. Our community events constitute a long list of days of enjoyment that help us to arrive at the conclusion that this project is successful.

The way the Council Library Services measure success is by the number of issued books and the number of people recorded on the visitor count. We are now beginning to regularly clock over 5000 visitors per month. Our vision for the future is to continue increasing this monthly statistic. One way we hope to be able to do this will be the introduction of a forthcoming pop-up cinema that will accommodate up to 50 people per showing.

A Big Thank You to everyone who has helped NXL. The list gets longer every day so unlike the Oscars there’ll be no names mentioned. Let’s just say,

Happy Anniversary NXL and let there be many, many more!

We look forward to another year and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we’re doing. So please don’t be shy and leave us a message in the comments book.